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Import oldtimers fast, easily and economically!

Importing an oldtimer with Marlog Car Handling is ‘a piece of cake’. You only pay 6% sales tax and no import duties on the purchase value of the classic car in the Netherlands. These expenditures on VAT and import duties are much higher in all other European countries. It is therefore very advantageous to import your oldtimer to the Netherlands. America, for example, has a very wide range of classic cars, including unique Ford Mustangs, Porsches and VW vans. Therefore, you will find the biggest market for collectors and/or enthusiasts in America. Yet, Marlog Car Handling can import any oldtimer from any country in the world. For more detailed information on oldtimers, please go to oldtimerweb!

Import your new classic car completely, economically and undamaged!

Marlog Car Handling can import your oldtimers of 30 years and older, and clear import customs with the 6% VAT scheme. This is a unique concept that will save you a lot of Euros! Request your free offer now. Oldtimer imports at Marlog Car Handling are safe, easy and affordable! If you have your eye on an oldtimer and you want to know what transport would cost, please do not hesitate to request an offer right now at Marlog Car Handling. Our sales department will assist you as quickly as possible.

Offer for oldtimer import

Importing oldtimers has become a popular business in recent years. For more detailed information, please check out the rest of our website or call us at +31 (0)165 305 060.


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