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We are a professional company that has specialised in classic car imports.

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If you have purchased a vehicle abroad, Marlog Car Handling can transport it to any desired location. The same applies to exporting vehicles to anywhere in the world. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to load, transport and unload your vehicle.



Besides importing vehicles, Marlog Car Handling also exports cars for your company. The cars are loaded in our warehouse with its own customs facilities in Roosendaal and then transported to any destination in the world. This enables your company to export vehicles to every continent in the world.



Marlog Car Handling offers a wide range of services. We handle the entire process from fetching your car to delivering it at your doorstep. But we can also guarantee other services like sea-proof packaging, Steam2Clean, TAX calculations and safe international payments.

Import an oldtimer? Please contact Marlog Car Handling!

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We are a professional company that has specialised in classic car imports. We are here for the whole shipping and transporting process regarding American cars, motorcycles, classic cars and boats to any place around the world, for both the private enthusiast or collector and the professional dealer.We operate on a global scale and make sure that every vehicle is transported fast, easy and most important safely. We have a dense network around the world, from America and Canada to Japan and Dubai. We take care of the whole transporting process when it comes to shipping American cars and other vehicles.

We are not only capable of helping you import your classic car. We also export vehicles by road and by boat.

So, do you need help with shipping American cars or other classic car imports? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Import duties / VAT

The import costs differ based on the type of vehicle that you wish to import. If you purchase your vehicle outside the European Union, you need to take the following costs into account.
Import duties / VAT

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Highly recommend Marlog!!! Importing from States a vehicle with some paperwork difficulties from the beginning. The fault was not at Marlogs end. With extraordinary approach and additional help from Marlog representative we got through it.

Rare to find somebody these days to go for the extra help and making sure customer gets what he deserves and what he had paid for.

Outstanding customer service and special thanks goes to Nancy who handled the situation “always available”with patients and positive attitude. Thanks again Marlog.


I was very happy with the service and the shipping procedure.

Everything was running very good and the car with the parts in it arrived like untouched since I brought the car to the warehouse in Richmond, Ca.So, thank you very much for the complete shipping service.

Altogether I’m very satisfied with their service..


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