Registration procedure / Homologation

We also have a fully equipped, modern workshop, so we have all of the necessary facilities for technical conversion and a variety of inspections in-house.

Registration procedure / Homologation

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Our services include:

  • European type approval / German certification
  • Classic and Antique vehicle inspections
  • Removal items import
  • Vehicle conversions
  • Repairs / annual inspection
  • BPM tax declarations (including exchange rates and appraisals)

The RDW is a Dutch vehicle approval authority that falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. If you would like to provide a vehicle purchased abroad with a Dutch license, you are required to have it examined by the RDW. During the examination, the RDW inspector will check whether the vehicle is licensed for road use in the Netherlands. The RDW will also determine the data for the BPM declaration.

Once Marlog Car Handling has cleared the vehicle, it must receive a license plate and the BPM must be settled. Once the BPM has been paid to the tax authorities, you will receive the Dutch registration certificate from the RDW. The following documents are required for the examination of the vehicle:

  • Foreign registration certificate;
  • Declaration of Conformity.

The BPM must be paid at the customs declaration point. The following aspects are required to arrange your BPM declaration on import:

  • The vehicle;
  • BPM declaration form (download it from the website of the tax authorities);
  • Proof of origin of the vehicle (foreign registration certificate);
  • The Single Administrative Document.

For more detailed information, please visit the RDW website. You could also contact to arrange these procedures for your business. Importautos is a company located in the same industrial area as Marlog Car Handling. Importautos registers vehicles for a Dutch license and manages the BPM.

Registration procedure / Homologation

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Exemption permit

The following conditions must be fulfilled before a client is able to claim a relocation permit:

  • The relocation is from outside the European Union to the Netherlands.
  • The normal residence is transferred to the European Union (Netherlands).
  • The person needs to have lived outside the European Union for more than 12 consecutive months.
  • The goods/vehicle must have been in the possession of and used by the customer for at least half a year.
  • The customer can take up to 12 months following arrival in the Netherlands to complete the declaration.
  • The declaration does not apply to the following goods: Alcohol-containing products, tobacco and similar products, non-wearable material for professional purposes.

The following are the mandatory requirements for vehicle declaration:

  • Copy of passport / identity card
  • Copy of title
  • Copy of receipt
  • Copy of registration in the population register of the applicable municipality in the Netherlands

The following are the mandatory requirements for the declaration of personal goods:

  • Copy of passport / identity card
  • A signed inventory of the goods
  • A copy of the invoice or assessment of the value of the goods
  • Copy of registration in the population register of the applicable municipality in the Netherlands.

Customers from Germany and Belgium must apply for this in their own country. This can be done at their tax authorities.

If no employer statement / work permit is available, registration in the population register or the sale / lease contract of the house (list is either/or and/and) will suffice.

We can also help you with:

Calculating BPM

Calculate BPM tax

You can have us calculate the lowest BMP and you can pay at the customs declaration point.

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Escrow service

Escrow service

Are you going to buy a car in America or another country outside Europe? Then it is wise to use an escrow service.

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Car Insurance


Unfortunately, it sometimes occurs that unpredictable situations arise that are beyond everyone’s control. For example: ships in heavy weather. Therefore, we recommend you to take out insurance to cover the transport of your vehicle.

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Sea-proof packaging

Marlog Car Handling is capable of sealing your vehicle.

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