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The demand for importing cars and other vehicles has grown in recent years. Marlog Car Handling has been importing and exporting vehicles to and from Dubai since 2011. This is a very unique offer, especially since there are very few other companies that offer this specific service. We offer professional support in importing cars, that covers the entire process of the transport of cars from Dubai. Marlog Car Handling is your ideal partner!


After a great deal of preparation, organisation and the right agreements, Marlog Car Handling has succeeded in setting up the entire process for vehicle import and export from Dubai. Given the years of experience we have clocked up, it’s not surprising that this was no big deal for Marlog Car Handling. It did, however, demand a great deal of organisation and we can only conclude that it has become a huge success. We have partnered up with local specialists in Dubai. These forwarders specialise in loading and unloading vehicles and also arrange the entire export process, including documentation.

The first few hundred cars have already been loaded in Dubai, shipped to and settled in Europe and are now being driven around by their proud new owners.

Weekly departures

Thanks to weekly shipments from Dubai, we are able to transport your car, motorcycle or boat to your desired destination in no time at all. Marlog Car Handling takes care of the entire process. We manage the entire process after purchase: inland transport, ocean freight and handling. Weekly departures from Dubai are unprecedented in this industry!


The great advantage of Dubai is that there are ‘exclusive and unique’ cars available that are impossible to find anywhere else! Moreover, the prices are low in comparison with Europe!


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  5. Transport insurance

  6. Plate handling

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