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Headquarters & Customs Warehouse

Smoorstraat 24
4705 AA
The Netherlands
Office hours Headquarters:
Monday / Friday:
08.00u – 17.00
08.00 – 12.00
by appointment only

Customs Warehouse business hours:
Monday / Friday:
07.30 – 15.30
08.00 – 12.00
by appointment only

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Sales Director

 Robin van den Berg

Operational Director

 Rolph van der Linden

Sales department

 Jorien Melsen Loos Inside Sales Manager
 Jan Slof
 Petra Gabriëls
 Daniëlle van Venrooy
 Megan Diaz

Operational department

 Thom van den Berg Project/Operational Manager
 Eric van der Toorn Operational Manager
Rowan Verstraaten
 Eric van der Linden
 Daphne Mackaij
 Naomi Coppens
 Pascalle Zevenbergen

Polish department

Emilia Smotrys Team leader Eastern Europe
Joanna Grabowska
John Brouwers
Justyna Dudzicz
Alicja Rawicka
Paula Pawelek
Aleksandra Andrzejczak


 Paul Usmany
 Kitty Akkermans
 Johan Kik
 Danique Lugtigheid


Mathew Disco
Anna van Osta


 Frank Nijssen Warehouse Manager
 Guy Vogelzang Assistent Warehouse Manager
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