Marlog Car Handling is increasingly known for oldtimers import and export services, fast, easily and economically

Export Oldtimers/ Classics

Completely unburdened

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Importing an oldtimer with Marlog Car Handling is ‘a piece of cake’. You only pay 9% sales tax and no import duties on the purchase value of the classic car in the Netherlands.

Need help importing a car or other vehicle?

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We can also help you with

Escrow service

Escrow service

Are you going to buy a car in America or another country outside Europe? Then it is wise to use an escrow service.

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Service - Gassing the container

Gassing the container

Several destinations demand a complete gassing of the container before it’s allowed into the country. If desired, we can take care of the container gassing.

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Container shipping Marlog

Break bulk cargo

Marlog Car Handling is your partner for your emigration or immigration plans.

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Car Insurance


Unfortunately, it sometimes occurs that unpredictable situations arise that are beyond everyone’s control. For example: ships in heavy weather. Therefore, we recommend you to take out insurance to cover the transport of your vehicle.

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