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If you have purchased a vehicle abroad, Marlog Car Handling can transport it to any desired location. The same applies to exporting vehicles to anywhere in the world. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to load, transport and unload your vehicle. Several options are available for importing vehicles:

Inland Transport

You can use Marlog Car Handling to manage the pre-transport in the country where you purchased your vehicle or you could organise the transport to the outbound port yourself. Marlog Car Handling has access to many agents who can provide help in transporting vehicles. After the vehicle has been cleared by customs, you can also opt to have it delivered to your desired location or you could pick it up at our base in Roosendaal.

Ocean Freight

Our experienced partners will load the vehicle into the container for transport. The vehicle will be de-registered with the local customs in the applicable country. Once all the documents are settled, the vehicle will be shipped to the port of destination. Upon arrival, the ship is unloaded and the container will, in many cases, be transported to our office warehouse in Roosendaal; often from Rotterdam or Antwerp.

Unloading and customs clearance

The container is professionally unloaded at the Roosendaal base. After that, the vehicle is cleared by our customs. Once the vehicle has been unloaded, you will be notified to that effect and you will have five days to fetch the vehicle; after the first five days, you will be charged storage costs. Also, you can opt for Marlog Car Handling to deliver the vehicle at your doorstep.

The exact reverse principle applies to the export of vehicles. Nothing is impossible at Marlog Car Handling. More and more vehicles are finding their proud new owners through Marlog Car Handling! If in doubt, please do not hesitate to request a free offer or contact us and we will assist you further.

There are several advantages to importing a car from another country. One example is America: thanks to the favourable dollar exchange rate and the wide range of exclusive classics in the USA, America provides a very interesting market when it comes to buying a car.

  1. Complete: Marlog Car Handling can take care of the entire process of importing your vehicle from the place of purchase. You don’t need to make any arrangements yourself; we will keep you updated during the entire process.
  2. Safe: it is perfectly safe to have your vehicle transported via Marlog Car Handling. Our specialised team will deliver the vehicle to you. Vehicles are professionally shipped in containers and loaded and unloaded with all the right equipment. In addition, we run cameras 24/7 and we take pictures of the unloading procedure.
  3. Fast: thanks to our partnership with a global agency network, Marlog Car Handling is able to import and export vehicles quickly. We are therefore able to offer almost weekly shipments from anywhere in the world.
  4. Service-oriented: thanks to our customer-oriented staff, Marlog Car Handling is always ready to assist you and we are able to fulfilyour needs as effectively as possible.
  5. Profitable: Marlog Car Handling offers competitive rates. This is due to the volume of shipments managed by Marlog Car Handling.


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