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VAT Change per Jan 1st 2019

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VAT Change per Jan 1st 2019

  • VAT change from 6% to 9% for vintage cars
  • Change VAT old-timers Netherlands
  • Low rate to 9% for oldtimers in NL
  • Change of VAT oldtimers NL
  • Increase VAT import oldtimer


VAT change from 6% to 9% for vintage cars in the Netherlands

Dear valued customer!

As you might have heard, the VAT/TAX in the Netherlands will change per Jan 1st 2019 from 6% to 9% for classic vehicles (30 years and older).

What does this change mean for you?
First of all, please understand nothing will have to change for you despite the increase in VAT when you want to import an oldtimer. We have been working around the clock ever since the rumors about the VAT change from 6% to 9% for vintage cars started, to find promising solutions which in the end, will benefit you. Marlog Car Handling has made a couple of tailor-made solutions to avoid the VAT change from 6% to 9% for vintage cars.

The first option we offer
Resulting from the change of the low rate (6%) to the 9% for oldtimers in NL, the most simple option is only applicable for European Companies. Not for private persons. We can arrange a FISCAL Customs Clearance, and divert the Dutch VAT to the country of destination (but within the EU). In this scenario you don’t pay VAT in the Netherlands. This is applicable for both oldtimer vehicles and youngtimers and only for registered companies.

What is our second option?
We have been working with our partners and we can offer you the Customs clearance for Oldtimers in either Denmark or Germany for reduced VAT rates. In Denmark the rate for oldtimers and classic cars is 5% VAT and Germany 7%.

The situation in the north of Germany
However, in the north of Germany, there is a lot of hassle in regards to the (removal of) airconditioning units, and the drainage of fluids of these units. This might generate a lot of expenses and is very time consuming.

  • We can customs clear in the Netherlands for 9% for lower valued vehicles. The 3% difference is negligible. There’s no change in the current handling procedure.
  • For higher valued cars, we can arrange transport and customs clearance to either Denmark or Germany, close to the border of Holland, and with cooperative Customs Officers.


You can also pick up the car in Hilden

We could even arrange for you, to pick up your cars in Hilden after clearance, which would reduce the pickup and transport costs (to Roosendaal) considerably.

  • For very expensive vehicles, we can arrange customs clearance for you in Denmark. The tax rate is 5% only.
  • Attached you will find the rate sheet, including an indication of the value with corresponding costs and VAT.
  • Please note this is an indicationand without our normal handling fees and unloading charges of course.


We can still help you importing great oldtimers!

In other words, we have a plan ready and we can start as per Jan 1st without any issues.

  • No hassle in Germany with AIRCO units or drainage of any kind of fluids, no hassle with customs there.
  • It takes only a few days longer, to organize and set up the trucking to whatever destination you choose and to arrange customs clearance.


We hope you understand we need some time, especially in the beginning, to organize the transport. Rates are based on full trucks.


Exemptions to the change in VAT for oldtimers in NL

There are exemptions to the change in VAT for oldtimers in NL. These are:

  • Replica‘s
  • Hot Rods

The same rules apply here in Holland. Vehicles must be older than 30 years and in their original state. Again, the same rules apply.

If you have any questions or remarks, you know where to find us!

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