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VAT change in the Netherlands

VERY GOOD NEWS in the oldtimer – business !!

We are proud to announce we can offer all customers an even better solution for the upcoming VAT change next year in the Netherlands !

  • We can arrange customs clearance for the oldtimers, for 6% TAX. Same as everybody is used to at this moment.


HOW is that possible ?

Well.. In recent weeks, the Belgium Government has smoothened and eased their regulations and conditions in regards to the customs clearance for classic vehicles.

This has resulted in a steady and solid customs clearance for 6% Tax / VAT only.


So no 7% in Germany and no 9% in the Netherlands


Marlog has made a very good and solid deal with specific Belgium Customs Offices and even up to Ministry level we have found genuine cooperation and willingness to deal with the upcoming change.

You will still have to ship to Rotterdam, Marlog will still do the professional unloading and we will bring the required vehicles to this Customs Office where we present a full set of documents.


The customs clearance will be done for 6% Tax or VAT only. No import duties.


There are a few conditions where we and the customers have to stick to, no big deal and nothing which we cannot cope with.

No (written) bills of sale on a piece of paper, but ‘genuine’ printed bills of sale. Of course one can be creative..


The other options you have received from us will still be applicable – especially for higher valued vehicles Denmark is still a very good, cheap and solid option.

And for those German customers who are situated in the vicinity of Hilden, it will still be interesting to divert to that option.


But in general the majority of our customers will choose the Belgium option as everybody is used to pay 6%


Finally the time factor is in our favour. As you know, the Belgium border is literally in our back-garden – only half an hour away.

Customs clearances via our contacts will take less time then via Germany, Denmark or even quicker then shipments direct into the port of Antwerp.

Direct shipments into Antwerp I would strongly not recommend. As Customs checks for these oldtimer-vehicles cannot be done inside a container, the container has to be stripped or devanned at the terminal with huge costs and risc to damages.


  • ATTACHED you will find the upgraded rate sheet, with the Belgium option included.


Excluded are of course Replica ‘s and Hot Rods. Same rules apply here in Holland.

Vehicles must be older then 30 years and in their original state. Again, same rules apply


The rates shown in the Tax Sheet are excluding the normal handling and unloading charges of course.

Transport is done by open car carrier and if required, we can also offer closed transport (for a different rate of course)


Hope all is clear.

Tax rate sheet incl. Belgium

ratesheet incl belgium

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