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Shipping American car

For the shipping of an American car you can call in the help from Marlog Car Handling, American car transporters since 2000. We are specialized in the transportation of cars to and from all around the world. With ever changing and often stricter legislation on motorized vehicles, Car shipping from or to countries such as the USA can often be more beneficial to you than buying a new car in the country itself. Besides, our services as American car transporters offer you the chance of realizing you dream of owning a true American classic! Feel free to contact Marlog Car Handling if you have any questions about our services as car importers from the USA.

Need our help as American car transporters?

Marlog Car Handling has been importing and exporting vehicles all over the world since the year 2000. For both the private enthusiast as well as the professional dealer we are shipping cars, motorcycles, and boats to countries in Africa, Asia and the USA. We can help you with arranging the shipping of an American car to and from any place in the world. Thanks to the extensive knowledge and experience of our staff and worldwide network, your American car will be handled safely, quickly, and affordably by our trusted transporters. Every car is professionally loaded by an expert team so the chance of damage as a result of shipping to or from the USA is reduced to an absolute minimum.

The complete process by experienced car importers in the USA

When it comes to shipping American cars, there are procedures in place that need to be handled properly. At Marlog Car Handling we offer you peace of mind by taking care of the entire process, which consists of:

  • Payment intermediation;
  • Pick-up of your new car;
  • Arranging proper documentation;
  • Shipping import & export;
  • Documentation regarding the incoming and outgoing country;
  • Settlement;
  • Subsequent transport to a location of your choosing.

During all of these steps your new vehicle is in the trusted hands of our car importers in the USA. As a customer we can give you peace of mind, not only by taking care of the entire transporting process, but also because of the personal contact that we like to maintain with our customers during the shipping process. This means that you are always completely up to speed on the transportation process of your new car.

Contact us for more information

Marlog Car Handling gladly helps you with the shipping of American cars. Are you curious about the way we work? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or if you have any questions. You can reach us by calling the following phone number +31 (0)165 305060. Our employees will be happy to provide you with more information about our role as car importers from the USA. Our staff can also provide you with a reliable and accurate estimate on prices. Since we strive to make our services as personal as possible we would also like to hear from you in case of special requests. Together we can find a fitting solution to any situation.

Our warehouse employees are specialized in the loading and offloading of console containers

We offer group vehicle options that allows us to ship multiple cars in the same container

Weekly shipping’s which allows us to transport your order very quickly

Every request is personally taken care of and is followed by a fitting and accurate quotation

Due to our years of experience we can offer you perfect service. If you have special requests, we can help think of possible solutions to your specific situation

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