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Marlog Car Handling is capable of sealing your vehicle:


Before shipping your motorcycle, shipping agents may demand that it is crated before it is put up for shipment. Marlog Car Handling will make a custom-built crate to fit your motorcycle. This is done by using certified wood which complies to rules and regulations. Crating is usually done when shipping motorcycles, however it can also be required for shipping parts, equipment and fragile goods. The crate offers the most reliable protection during transport.

Gassing the container

Several destinations demand a complete gassing of the container before it’s allowed into the country. Marlog Car Handling can inform you before shipping whether or not a container needs to be gassed with the receiving agent on site. If desired, we can take care of the container gassing.

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Our warehouse employees are specialized in the loading and offloading of console containers

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We offer group vehicle options that allows us to ship multiple cars in the same container

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Due to our years of experience we can offer you perfect service. If you have special requests, we can help think of possible solutions to your specific situation

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