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Marlog Car Handling is the ideal solution for all of your removal needs. Our global network of agents and our ability to combine groupage container shipments makes Marlog the most economical option for removals. Our unique advantage is that we are specialised in vehicle transport, so we can easily ship yours along with your removal goods.

Moving vehicles to the Netherlands

When moving from a non-EU country to the Netherlands, you may be eligible for an exemption. In that case, it could be extremely interesting to move your own car, motorcycle, or other vehicle to the Netherlands. If you meet the conditions listed below, then you do not need to pay import duties, VAT, or BPM tax, which can save you a considerable amount of money.

The necessary relocation permit documents for moving to the Netherlands
The following conditions must be fulfilled before a client is able to claim a relocation permit:

  • The relocation is from outside the European Union to the Netherlands.
  • The normal residence is transferred to the European Union (Netherlands).
  • The person needs to have lived outside the European Union for more than 12 consecutive months.
  • The goods/vehicle must have been in the possession of and used by the customer for at least half a year.
  • The customer can take up to 12 months following arrival in the Netherlands to complete the declaration.
  • The declaration does not apply to the following goods: Alcohol-containing products, tobacco and similar products, non-wearable material for professional purposes.

The following are the mandatory requirements for vehicle declaration:

  • Copy of passport / identity card
  • Copy of title
  • Copy of receipt
  • Copy of registration in the population register of the applicable municipality in the Netherlands.

Equivalent documentation clearly stating the date of residence in the Netherlands may also be provided, including:

  • Copy of employment contract
  • Copy of employer’s statement
  • Copy of work permit
  • Copy of rental/purchase contract for the residence in the Netherlands
  • Copy of rental/purchase contract for the residence in the Netherlands

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