Marlog Car Handling offers the complete process concerning the import and export of vehicles.

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This consists of:

  • Payment intermediation
  • Pick-up
  • Documentation
  • Shipping import / export
  • Documentation management incoming / outgoing country
  • Settlement
  • Subsequent transport.

Marlog Car Handling provides the shipping of vehicles by means of an extensive agency network. Next to that, we offer a high level of expertise. We are able to handle your transport safely and efficiently.

Naturally, Marlog Car Handling also offers all these services separately. If you need your car to be moved from A to B, we would be happy to arrange it for you. Do you only need an import or export document? Marlog Car Handling can organise that too.

Marlog Car Handling provides all the facilities a loading and unloading station requires.

We would be happy to accommodate you if you need to load or unload a private container at Marlog Car Handling. You can arrange the trucking yourself or Marlog Car Handling can do it for you.

It is also possible to store your goods at Marlog Car Handling at minimal costs.

Escrow Service (Safe international Transactions)

Marlog Car Handling offers you, in cooperation with local agents in the USA and Dubai, a safe payment guarantee called the Escrow Service. This means that you will pay the agent for the car, and in turn the agent will pay the seller of the vehicle the moment the car is picked up. This way, you are ensured of a proper conclusion of the deal, without having to be there physically. The agent on scene will file the inspection rapport so you’re aware of the state of the vehicle before it is shipped out.

Inland transport
You can use Marlog Car Handling to manage the pre-transport in the country where you purchased your vehicle or you could organise the transport to the outbound port yourself. Marlog Car Handling has access to many agents who can provide help in transporting vehicles. After the vehicle has been cleared by customs, you can also opt to have it delivered to your desired location or you could pick it up at our base in Roosendaal.

The necessary documentation to export / import a vehicle:

  • Seller details
  • Recipient details
  • Copy of title
  • Copy of Bill of Sale
  • Copy of passport

Our experienced partners will load the vehicle into the container for transport. The vehicle will be de-registered with the local customs in the applicable country. Once all the documents are settled, the vehicle will be shipped to the port of destination. Upon arrival, the ship is unloaded and the container will, in many cases, be transported to our office warehouse in Roosendaal; often from Rotterdam or Antwerp.

Physical handling
The container is professionally unloaded at the Roosendaal base. After that, the vehicle is cleared by our customs. Once the vehicle has been unloaded, you will be notified to that effect and you will have five days to fetch the vehicle; after the first five days, you will be charged storage costs. Also, you can opt for Marlog Car Handling to deliver the vehicle at your doorstep.

The exact reverse principle applies to the export of vehicles. Nothing is impossible at Marlog Car Handling. More and more vehicles are finding their proud new owners through Marlog Car Handling! If in doubt, please do not hesitate to request a free offer or contact us and we will assist you further. 

Clearing customs
Our own in-house customs department arranges all of the customs clearing activities. All vehicles can be cleared through customs, subject to the following taxes:

  • Vehicles less than 30 years old 21%VAT                               10% import duties
  • Vehicles 30 years old and older (original) 9% VAT

It is also possible to clear vehicles through customs as:

  • Removal items
  • Reverse charging of VAT
  • In Germany or Denmark àlink to the page

Follow-on transport
Marlog Car Handling can deliver the vehicles safely from the port of entry to your door, or you can collect your vehicles from our central warehouse in Roosendaal at your convenience. Request a price estimate here.

Types of transport

Marlog Car Handling ships containers to any desired destination. Container shipping is the safest way of transporting your vehicle.
The container will be sealed and loaded at our warehouse in Roosendaal. After that, it will be transported to the port, where the container is loaded onto the boat. Container transport enables us to ship several different types of goods instead of only the vehicle.
Container transport is also available for cars that are damaged and cars that can no longer be driven.

RoRo transport stands for Roll on Roll off. This means the car is being driven onto a boat that is specially designed for car transport. Marlog Car Handling offers all these services. RoRo is available for many different countries. No other goods may be left behind in the vehicle during a RoRo shipment.