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Registration procedure / BPM (private vehicle purchase tax) settlement




The RDW is a Dutch vehicle approval authority that falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. If you would like to provide a vehicle purchased abroad with a Dutch license, you are required to have it examined by the RDW. During the examination, the RDW inspector will check whether the vehicle is licensed for road use in the Netherlands. The RDW will also determine the data for the BPM declaration.

Once Marlog Car Handling has cleared the vehicle, it must receive a license plate and the BPM must be settled. Once the BPM has been paid to the tax authorities, you will receive the Dutch registration certificate from the RDW. The following documents are required for the examination of the vehicle:

  • Foreign registration certificate;
  • Declaration of Conformity.

The BPM must be paid at the customs declaration point. The following aspects are required to arrange your BPM declaration on import:

  • The vehicle;
  • BPM declaration form (download it from the website of the tax authorities);
  • Proof of origin of the vehicle (foreign registration certificate);
  • The Single Administrative Document.

For more detailed information, please visit the RDW website. You could also contact www.importautos.nl to arrange these procedures for your business. Importautos is a company located in the same industrial area as Marlog Car Handling. Importautos registers vehicles for a Dutch license and manages the BPM.


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