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The import costs differ based on the type of vehicle that you wish to import. If you purchase your vehicle outside the European Union, you need to take the following costs into account.

Importing cars, motorcycles or pick-up trucks (personal transport) models under 30 years old:

  • Purchase price + transport costs;
  • + 10% import duties;
  • + 21% VAT;
  • + BPM handling.

Importing pick-up trucks (light load) less than 30 years old:

  • Purchase price + transport costs;
  • + 22% import duties;
  • + 21% VAT;
  • No BPM.

Importing oldtimers:

  • Purchase price + transport costs;
  • + 9% VAT;
  • No BPM.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Customs website or the RDW website

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