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Changes to VAT for motorcycles/boats less than 30 years old
European Customs has changed its VAT import duties system.

These changes will affect your motorcycle imports as well.  The import duty increased from 6% to 31% effective Friday, 22 June 2018, and the listed items will be charged the higher import duty rate. These changes will remain in effect until the US repeals its Steel Act!

The following rules apply:

The higher duties apply to United States ORIGINS, not motorcycles/boats transported from the United States. Motorcycles/boats with United States Origins shipped from third countries also fall under the supplemental rate. If the Origins cannot be proven, and the motorcycle/boat is transported from the United States, then the import declaration will list the United States as the Origin.

This is a supplemental rate of 25%, which means:

  • 6% import duties on the Customs valuation
  • 25% additional duties on the Customs valuation
  • 21% VAT on import duties, additional duties, and the Customs valuation

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