Marlog Car Handling has a certain process that we explain below.

Process Marlog Car Handling

Completely unburdened

Fast delivery



The following crucial conditions apply with respect to the safe and efficient delivery of the vehicle:

  • Maximum of 5 litres of fuel in the tank;
  • Leave stat codes on the dashboard;
  • Provide all documentation (title and invoice);
  • Spare keys + codes.


  • If we have to send original paperwork , additional costs courier €85,00
  • Packing list required if goods inside the car

Marlog Car Handling B.V. acts as freight forwarder and delivers additional services, apart from arranging transportation, like the arranging of custom services, (un)loading, stowage and other services. To all our agreements and services are applicable the DUTCH FORWARDING CONDITIONS of the Fenex, 2004, as deposited with the courts in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Breda and Rotterdam at 1 July 2004. You can view and download these conditions on the site of the FENEX: Dutch Forwarding Conditions Fenex 2004

Marlog Car Handling Process
Marlog Car Handling Delivery Instructions

Delivery instructions:

  • A maximum of 5 liters of fuel may be present in the tank
  • if needed, leave start codes on the dashboard
  • Cleaning costs € 125

Export contact:

Roy van der Wildt
Phone: +31 (0)165-305060

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