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Delivery countries

Marlog Car Handling manages exports all over the world. We have an extensive network of agents that support us throughout the entire shipping process. Loading 20-ft or 40-ft containers is our daily business, so we are specialists in this field. No destination is too distant or too complicated for Marlog Car Handling.

You can also contact Marlog Car Handling for RoRo shipping. RoRo means Roll on Roll off. In other words, the car is simply driven onto the boat. However, no goods may be left in the car during a RoRo shipment.

Export USA / Export Canada

Marlog Car Handling manages a large volume of exports to the United States. We offer container transport and RoRo shipping facilities. We also offer a console service to New York. This means that we load several vehicles belonging to different owners into one container, in order to make transport cheaper. We have access to an extensive network of reliable agents who assist us in the export process to the United States.

In addition to importing cars from Canada, you can now also export your motorcycle or other vehicle to Canada. We handle container shipments to all the major ports, as well as RoRo facilities in Halifax and Calgary. If you have any questions about the cars that you can import to or from Canada, please feel free to contact Marlog Car Handling by calling +31 (0)165 305060. We would be happy to further assist you and answer any and all questions you might have. By calling us you can also request an estimate on the prices of our services as car transporters in Canada.

Import a car, motorcycle or boat?

Marlog Car Handling is happy to help you.

South America / Caribbean

If you are looking for a specialist firm to export vehicles to South America, then Marlog Car Handling would be happy to assist you. As one of the largest import specialists in Europe, we transport vehicles to and from every country in the world. Since 2000, we have built an expansive network of local agents, so Marlog Car Handling can arrange the import or export of your vehicles to South America within a short time frame and for an attractive price.

Marlog Car Handling is becoming increasingly known for vehicle import and export services in South America. We regularly transport vehicles to and from South America.

Some of the best-known ports in South America are:

  • Paramaribo
  • Salvador
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Sao Paulo
  • Buenos Aires
  • Montevideo
  • Guayaquil
  • Valparaiso
  • Iquique

We can take the entire import- or export process to and from South America off your hands, so you needn’t worry about a thing.


Marlog Car Handling offers the option of shipping your vehicle or removal items to the following destinations:

  • Aruba
  • Bonaire
  • Curaçao
  • St Maarten
  • Paramaribo

After you drop off your vehicle or removal items, we will ensure that it is transported to its destination quickly and safely. We can offer the following services from Rotterdam:

  • Shipping by groupage container
  • Shipping full 20 ft and 40 ft containers
  • Customs formalities
  • Storage of your goods
  • Transport of commercial goods
  • Complete removals

The groupage shipping service allows us to offer very competitive rates.

All of the services listed above apply to vehicles, removals, and packages, so if you would like to receive an estimate for one of these destinations, please feel free to contact us.

Would you like to know what Marlog Car Handling can do for you? Or do you have a question about exporting a vehicle to South America? Then please don’t hesitate to contact one of our representatives. You can reach us by telephone at: =+31 (0)165 305 060 or via

Middle East

Marlog Car Handling has considerable experience exporting to the United Arab Emirates. We can offer container or RoRo shipping service. We also have a console service to Dubai, so we can load several vehicles from different owners into a single container, which makes it cheaper to transport. We have an expansive network of reliable agents who assist us with the import process in Dubai. A steel R-Rack system enables us to quickly and safely load, ship, and unload vehicles in a container.

Import a car, motorcycle or boat?

Marlog Car Handling is happy to help you.

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