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Export cars from USA

Throughout the years American manufacturers have developed powerful, unique cars and now people are often looking for ways to export these cars from the USA. The reasons are simple: these are not made anywhere else which makes them highly desirable, and it is often cheaper to import a car directly from the USA. Marlog Car Handling is your Europe-based partner that handles the export of cars from the USA to a location of your choosing.

Safe and trustworthy export of cars from the USA

Whether it is a classic Chevy, a road-raged Corvette, or a slick, roaring Mustang, each car is handled with the utmost care and professionalism, the result of 18 years of experience. Without a reliable network, the export of cars from the USA would be a lot more difficult, not to mention stressful! At Marlog Car Handling, we therefore always provide full disclosure about prices, delivery times, customs clearance, and all other matters regarding the exportation process. You are kept in the loop at all times.

Request a non-binding quotation

Naturally, you want to know how much the export of cars from the USA is going to cost you. The exact price depends on the type of car, insurance group, weight, age, etcetera. By contacting us and telling us what you need, we can provide you with an accurate quotation. And do not worry, it is non-binding! Cannot wait that long? Give us a call at +31 (0)165 305060.

Our warehouse employees are specialized in the loading and offloading of console containers

We offer group vehicle options that allows us to ship multiple cars in the same container

Weekly shipping’s which allows us to transport your order very quickly

Every request is personally taken care of and is followed by a fitting and accurate quotation

Due to our years of experience we can offer you perfect service. If you have special requests, we can help think of possible solutions to your specific situation

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