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Dependable car shippers

If you are looking for dependable auto shippers, please address Marlog Car Handling! We would gladly arrange excellent import or export shipping’s for you. Certain cars are unobtainable in Europe while they are plentiful in the USA, and vice versa. At Marlog Car Handling we specialize in getting these cars to where they are desired. As car shippers we have built up quite an extensive experience and we managed to create a worldwide network of dependable car shippers that we work with abroad. Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions about the services which we provide to our customers.

Dependable auto shippers at Marlog Car Handling

Marlog Car Handling’s staff has over a decade of experience with the importation and exportation of cars. For both, we are happy to make profitable and reliable arrangements with dependable car shippers for you:

  • If you want to import cars to The Netherlands or another European country, then our staff can take the entire procedure out of your hands. Since 2000, our core business has been the import of vehicles from the U.S., but we also import from other countries. We offer services to both personal customers and business professionals. For the transport of cars, we make arrangements with only the most dependable car shippers available!
  • Concerning the export of cars, we also offer both personal services and business-oriented services. From our customer shed in Roosendaal, we arrange the shipping of your cars, trucks and oldtimers to more affluent countries like the S., Canada, or Dubai, as well as to developing countries. While doing so we will take care of the administrative duties such as the registration procedure.

Your vehicles are always loaded for transport by our own competent staff. In this way, our team members personally make sure that your vehicles will be shipped and delivered without a single scratch!

Contact us for more information on auto shipping

Would you like to know more about Marlog Car Handling’s contacts and arrangements with the most dependable auto shippers on the globe? Do not hesitate to contact us: call +31 (0)165 305060, send your email to info@mchnl.com or fill in our contact form. We are happy to help you! We will further inform you on the possibilities and you can discuss with us what your needs are. As dependable auto shippers we strive to make our services as tailormade as possible for each of our customers.

Our warehouse employees are specialized in the loading and offloading of console containers

We offer group vehicle options that allows us to ship multiple cars in the same container

Weekly shipping’s which allows us to transport your order very quickly

Every request is personally taken care of and is followed by a fitting and accurate quotation

Due to our years of experience we can offer you perfect service. If you have special requests, we can help think of possible solutions to your specific situation

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