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Import your car from America, Canada or any other country! Marlog Car Handling takes care of professional transport of vehicles to and from all continents worldwide. Marlog Car Handling has specialised in the import and export of vehicles. Our company’s core business is importing cars from the USA.

We’re the number one partner for private collectors and lovers of exotic and classic cars. Importing cars through Marlog Car Handling is simple and convenient! If you’ve purchased a car in America and you want to bring it to Europe, Marlog Car Handling can manage the entire process for you. From picking up the car at any given location, to organising the export procedure in America – as well as shipping, handling and customs clearance in Europe. We can also help you get the car’s license plates. In short: we take care of the entire process!

Another advantage is the exchange rate of the dollar against the Euro. This comes with many benefits. Check the dollar exchange rate here.


Aankoopklein  1. Secure international payment

  2. Collect from seller

  3. Shipping

  4. Clearance and home delivery

  5. Transport insurance

  6. Plate handling

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