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Marlog Car Handling is specialized in car shipping from Dubai! We work with renowned shippers all over the globe and carefully control your car transport to Dubai. This has been an increasing market over the last few years and now you can partner with Marlog Car Handling for arranging car transport all over the world, from Dubai to the USA and from Europe to Asia. Please let us know what your particular situation is so we can address your needs appropriately.

Extending our core business by car shipping to Dubai

Originally, Marlog Car Handling’s core business has been the import of vehicles from the U.S. Nowadays, however, we have extended our core business to car shipping services all over the globe. Are you looking for car transport services from or to Dubai, then we are happy to help you! We offer you:

  • An enthusiastic, flexible and customer-friendly staff;
  • Personal contact with our experienced team members;
  • A quick and safe delivery of your vehicles;
  • The best price-quality ratio!

How do we achieve this? Because of our worldwide network of professional agents, we can take the entire importation process out of your hands, from the procurement of cars up to their delivery. For car shipping from Dubai, for instance, we have made arrangements with renowned car shippers. Our team is in control of the shipping operation at all times, ensuring that your vehicles are loaded and shipped safely. Whether you are a personal customer or a business professional, we are happy to take car shipping from Dubai to The Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe out of your hands!

Tell us what you need by calling Marlog Car Handling

At Marlog Car Handling, we strive to make our services as tailor-made as possible. We would therefore like to hear from you what your specific needs are. Would you like to know more about our car transport services from and to Dubai, please do not hesitate to contact Marlog Car Handling in The Netherlands by calling +31 (0)165 305060. Our employees are more than happy to assist you in any which way they can.

The highest quality

Our warehouse employees are specialized in the loading and offloading of console containers

Very beneficiary

We offer group vehicle options that allows us to ship multiple cars in the same container

Very fast delivery

Weekly shipments which allows us to transport your order very quickly

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Every request is personally taken care of and is followed by a fitting and accurate quotation

The best service

Due to our years of experience we can offer you perfect service. If you have special requests, we can help think of possible solutions to your specific situation

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