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Marlog Car Handling is your professional partner in American Muscle car imports. We offer our business relations and individual clients an excellent service!

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Importation of cars

Marlog Car Handling is ready to support you with your American Muscle car imports. For over ten years, Marlog’s core business is the importation of vehicles from the U.S:

  • Our experts operate from our locations in Roosendaal and Almere and support you during the entire proces, from your purchase up to the delivery of your car.
  • As we have a worldwide network of agents, we are able to take the entire transportation process out of your hands.
  • We are happy to help both individual customers and business relations.
  • As your specialist in vehicle import from the U.S., Marlog Car Handling is happy to take American Muscle car imports out of your hands completely! We are your number one choice when it comes to American Muscle car imports. We guarantee:
  • Professionalism: our service-oriented team has years of experience and expertise;
  • Personal contact: our team members are enthusiastic and happy to support you;
  • Reliability: we quickly deliver you car without a scratch;
  • Affordability: we keep our import costs as low as possible and yet we offer you the highest quality
Export Oldtimers/ Classics

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Knowledge and experience in-house

As a car import company, Marlog Car Handing has grown over the years into a reliable and major player in the import industry.Our driven and enthusiastic people always go that extra mile for you.

In addition, we have all the necessary knowledge and experience in the field of legislation and regulations and we can combine this with our service orientation.

Professionalism and personal approach

Marlog Car Handling guarantees absolute professionalism. Our company has become the largest operator in its field thanks to years of experience and knowledge in this business.

The personality Marlog Car Handling exudes is mainly due to our enthusiastic and experienced staff.

Service and reliability

Customer-friendliness is a basic principle at Marlog Car Handling. Flexibility and the right personnel enables Marlog to treat you in a professional and service-oriented way.

Marlog Car Handling is a reliable company. We are the reliable partner that manages the entire process for our customers: from the place of purchase to delivery at your address.