Import or export a car?

Marlog Car Handling is specialised in transporting vehicles to and from every country in the world. Our skilled team will guide you through the entire process, from purchasing your vehicle to delivering it at your address.

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Container shipping Marlog

Break bulk cargo

Marlog Car Handling is your partner for your emigration or immigration plans.

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Car Insurance


Unfortunately, it sometimes occurs that unpredictable situations arise that are beyond everyone’s control. For example: ships in heavy weather. Therefore, we recommend you to take out insurance to cover the transport of your vehicle.

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Calculating BPM

Calculate BPM tax

You can have us calculate the lowest BMP and you can pay at the customs declaration point.

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Escrow service

Escrow service

Are you going to buy a car in America or another country outside Europe? Then it is wise to use an escrow service.

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Service - Gassing the container

Gassing the container

Several destinations demand a complete gassing of the container before it’s allowed into the country. If desired, we can take care of the container gassing.

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Sea-proof packaging

Marlog Car Handling is capable of sealing your vehicle.

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Need help importing a car or other vehicle?

Marlog Car Handling is happy to help you!

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The service and services of Marlog Car Handling are very well received by the customers they serve. You can see that in all the reviews they receive.

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Alexander | Ude


We have been doing business with Marlog for many years and it always goes very smoothly, agreements are kept and communication is also very smooth and fast.

Maartje | Rotterdam


We are very satisfied with the collaboration with Marlog. It is also nice that you always have the same contact persons within the Marlog company, so that you know what each other is talking about.

Matadin | Breda


Everything went pretty smoothly, communication is also very smooth, people also respond right away, you can indicate everything you have on your mind. Nothing but praise!